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Review: Ignite Woo Wishlist & Gift Registry Pro

Not being entirely familiar with all the trappings of the WooCommerce ecosystem I set about finding a good Registry plugin for a friend’s (soon to launch) eCommerce website. Some initial searching lead me to the Wishlist & Gift Registry Pro plugin developed by Ignitewoo, a purveyor of many WordPress/WooCommerce plugins.

Limited Functionality

I really wish that I would have found done my due diligence before paying them any money- the plugin provides almost no functionality that isn’t offered by the completely free YITH Wishlist plugin. On top of that, there is no Registry functionality offered with this plugin either. It is all about Wishlists- with no real customizable functionality.

No Support

After paying Ignite Woo money I have been completely unable to reach anyone in support to answer a myriad of technical questions. I also had an issue with the license key they provided me and have still had no one reach out to me. I’ve contacted them via email, online chat and Twitter and have had absolutely nothing resolved.

Verdict: AVOID

I typically hate to trash other companies as there is no guaranteeing that the experience I have had with them is indicative of how they treat others. However, I have found that the WordPress forums are full of people who have gotten nothing but radio silence from this company. I would highly suggest you avoid their Wishlist & Gift Registry Pro plugin as it, literally, provides no additional functionality over any of the free alternatives. I would also recommend staying away from IgniteWoo in general- their product code is not very clean, their documentation is terrible and their support is non-existant.

I openly invite one of their representatives to get ahold of me. I’d love to work more closely with them and recant my position. Unfortunately we are two months in, they still have our money and have provided no service worthwhile to us.

Authentication Using WordPress and Zend Framework

I recently had the need to implement a Zend Framework web app that could authorize against WordPress without necessarily using WordPress as the front end. I was very relieved to find out it was quite easy to do!

In your application’s index.php (typically found at public/index.php) you need to include the WordPress header file to make sure you have access to the WordPress functions later in your application:

I have the following code in my LoginController.php (application/modules/public/controllers/LoginController.php) file.

doWordpressAuth function


Removing ShareThis from your WordPress Front Page

After installing the ShareThis social plugin for WordPress I was surprised to find that there isn’t an easy option to exclude the social links from showing up on the front page. Luckily, it’s as easy as inserting a small bit of code into the sharethis.php plugin file.
On my system the file is located at [code]{wordpress root directory}/wp-content/plugins/share-this/sharethis.php[/code]

Open up the file in your favorite editor and go to nearly the bottom of the file and find the function (around line 601 in the version that I have) st_makeEntries

Add in the following code
if(is_front_page()){ return ”; }

So that the beginning of your function looks like this:
function st_makeEntries(){
if(is_front_page()){ return ”; }
global $post;
… the rest of the function follows …

We are basically bypassing the code that builds the social badges and returning nothing instead of the HTML that the code would otherwise build.