Monthly Archives: December 2014


Today I randomly had an issue where none of my Vagrant machines were booting up. Going into the Virtualbox GUI I tried to manually start the VM and I get the ominous, but somewhere helpful error code VERR_SUPLIB_OWNER_NOT_ROOT. Thinking back to stupid things I might have done today- I realized that I had done:

I did this because there was an application installed as administrator that constantly popped up the “This was downloaded from the internet…” popup and it was never going away. So I went in and chowned /Applications/ to root:admin and… no luck. Uninstalled and reinstalled VirtualBox… no luck. Finally I happened upon this old bug ticket from years ago ( that confirmed my suspicions. I simply had to run the following to get everything working again:

After that, everything works like a charm and I realize that I probably shouldn’t have done the chown -R in the first place.