Changing Created By or Author Property in SharePoint 2007

After a frustrating experience, I’d like to share the ‘secret’ of updating the Created By and/or Author SPListItem system property. I was trying set the Created By and/or Author SPListIem system property but found that the changes didn’t take and my object’s values were reset after calling SPListItem.Update();

The Wrong Way

If you’re like me, you probably assumed something similar to this would work just fine:

Not so fast my friend! If you trace/quickwatch your variables you’ll notice that your Created By property is reset after the update. Why? Because you didn’t set all the necessary properties. Oh, you didn’t know you had to set other properties at the same time to get Created By or Author to stick? Neither did I, until now…

The Right Way

Maybe not the correct way, but the way I got it to work:

That’s right, to successfully save the Created By property you must also set the Modified By and Modified properties AND call SPListItem.UpdateOverwriteVersion() to get the Created By property to actually save your new value. Hopefully you find this post sooner than I found my answer.

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