Reduce Three20 Compile Time for iOS (Making Static Libraries)

In using Three20 with Xcode 4, I have found life to be a little more difficult than in Xcode 3.

Project changes have required me to fiddle with the project/target compile settings in order to get my project to build correctly, often seeing the dreaded “Three20/Three20.h” file not found error, and not being able to build for archive have all been recurring issues that I’ve faced while developing some pretty simple iOS apps utilizing the Three20 project.

Finally, when the project is building correctly, I spend almost all my compile time building all the Three20 libraries. In search of a better way I stumbled upon a stackoverflow question, and then later on a blog post that have essentially gotten rid of all these hassles for me.

Step 1: How to build any library for all platforms

  • Open an existing static library project.
  • Select the project file on the top, and then select the target you want to build.
  • Go into the Build Phases section
  • Add a new “Run Script” build phase
  • In this phase, paste the following script:

The following code, which was copied directly from the blog post linked above, tells Xcode to compile all the targets for both Device and Simulator. The resulting output will be a .a library file for use in other projects.

Applying this to Three20

  • Go into {Three20 Root Directory}/src/Three20 and open Three20.xcodeproj
  • Select the Three20 target and add the above script into the appropriate build phase
  • Nothing needs to be done to the “Three20UnitTests” target, we won’t be using it for anything.
  • Expand the Dependencies folder for your Three20 project, in the files list on the left side of Xcode
  • Add the same script phase you did before in all of these dependent projects.
  • Do this for every dependency project. If you don’t do this, Xcode will produce all .a libraries, but only the main Three20 library will be created for all devices and they all need to be created for all devices.
  • Once you have added the script build phase to all projects and dependencies, build the project (and be patient).

Giving Due Credit

Had I not stumbled onto Christos Sotiriou‘s blog post I probably could never have figured this out from end to end on my own. He even offers a direct download to compiled libraries and headers if you want to just get up and running.

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